Behind the microscope

Kyle Ford

BS in Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State

Director, Tobacco Heated Products Deploy

A Better TomorrowTM means leaving the world better than I found it.

Role at Reynolds

My team focuses on taking new tobacco heated products from their development stage into final commercialized products. We make final tweaks and changes to the products before locking their specifications and prepping them for submissions to the FDA. We also work hand in hand with operations to ensure products are getting made to their specifications and with our regulatory team to assist with all product-related requests in our filings with the FDA.

Growing up I wanted to be…

I have wanted to be an engineer/scientist since I was in middle school. We had to do a project in one of my math classes that required us to do a report on three different potential career paths. I was good at math and science, so I chose a couple of different engineering professions after talking with my teacher. After writing up the one on chemical engineering, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do.

What does A Better TomorrowTM mean to you?

A Better TomorrowTM means leaving the world better than I found it. It means doing my part to make the world a little bit better, whether that is working on projects and products that are focused on harm reduction in tobacco or making sure that all aspects of sustainability are being considered for our products. Everything that I can do or work with my team to do makes a difference in creating A Better TomorrowTM, no matter how small.

Favorite scientist?

Bill Nye! Growing up in the ‘90s, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on television was my first real exposure to what science was and how fun it could be. That was the start of my interest in science.

Career timeline

2023 – Present
Director, Tobacco Heated Products Deploy
RAI Services Company
2021 – 2023
Senior Manager, Tobacco Heated Products Deploy
2018 – 2021
Sr Scientist/Lead Manager, Electronic Tobacco Heated Products
2014 – 2018
Scientist IV, Electronic Tobacco Heated Products
2012 – 2013
Scientist III, Applied Materials and Development
2011 – 2012
Quality Manager
Shurtape Technologies

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